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(212) 757 2539



(212) 757 2539

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Midtown/Theater District


353 West 48th St.

2nd Floor

NY, NY 10036

(212) 757-2539


[email protected]

                353 West 48th St. NYC

                                212 757-2539

                           [email protected]

Cancellation Policy


            Please cancel on time in order to receive your deposit refund or credit, and to avoid being charged for the

            space rented.


                                                 24 hrs is required for bookings of 1-3 hours.

                                                 48 hrs is required for bookings of 4-8 hours.

                                                 24 hrs is required for those booking space on a regular basis.

                                                 3  days is required for bookings of 8 hours or more in one day.

                                                 1  week is required for a 5-8 day booking of 6 or more hours a day.

                                                 1  week is required for advance bookings of 4 or more weeks.



  • Make a note of the date, time and with whom you spoke when you cancel.  This helps us to book better

          and allows us to give you the correct credit.  


  • In instances of late cancellation, if we are successful in renting your space we will return your deposit and adjust

          the amount due.




Rental Policy


  • The representative of a company or group renting space from Studios 353 is responsible to inform those in

           the company/group of our policies as well.

  • Studios 353 is not liable for any injuries occurring on the premises.

  • No food or drinks are to be placed on the pianos.

  • Please place all trash in the trashcans.

  • Please restore room before leaving - stack chairs and fold tables.

Cancellation and Rental Policies